Artist: Nina Azari

Technique: Free-hand miniature design with acrylic paint applied with tooth pick
Egg Number: 2011-01

More Information

From as far back as I can remember, I loved the arts, and particularly sketching animals, especially dogs and horses. I come from an artistic family of musicians, as well as, amateur painters. I believe my talent for the visual arts comes from my father who, seeing my own talent, introduced me to some of the “tools of the trade”. I soon found myself spending hours with a soldering iron, burning designs into interesting pieces of wood that I would find in my dad’s woodshed that was in the dark recesses below our family’s house. (The house is one of the designated “Historic Homes” in Fort Collins). I have such fond memories of this house... memories of our family gatherings on every Friday for “teas and talk” around our table. Not only was the table laden with tasty treats, but it was also often decorated with a particular candy box, the intricacy of which mesmerized me. Its magical quality influenced my creative juices, and my imagination for designs began to flourish! I began drawing my designs on eggs when I was in my teens. It was a pleasant way to occupy my busy hands at the table during both Easter and No-Rooz feasts. (No-Rooz is the Persian New Year that occurs on March 21st, and like many spring celebrations, it features colorful eggs.) Being that my father’s background is Persian, our house reflected this culture from the Persian rugs, adorning the floors and the walls alike, to the painted pottery, teacups, and jewelry. Even the Persian food we enjoyed was full of color and artfully presented. My artwork is a sincere reflection of the rich cultural environment in which I was raised, and I am grateful that I can share those beautiful memories through my art.

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Duck, chicken,goose,quail and emu eggs are available