Artist: Andrea Vigneault

Title: "The Dragon's Egg"
Technique: Hand Carved - No Paint
Egg Number: 2014-01
"The Dragon's Egg" - An Emu egg carved by Andrea Vigneault


The egg has been hand carved using a high speed drill, no paint is used in the creation of this egg.

Artist Bio

Andrea Vigneault has been working with eggs since she was nine years old. She has progressed from decorating eggs to carving into the shells using a high speed drill. All types of egg shells have been utilized ,including chicken,goose,emu,rhea and ostrich eggs.

Over the years, Andrea has received several awards for her work including 1st place in the 2013 Emu egg art contest. In 2012 she received a grant to further her art form from the United Arts Council of Catawba Valley.

Artist Contact:

Andrea Vigneault
3980 Black Oak Road
Hickory, NC 28602