Artist: Rebecca Perry

Title: "Four Winds Jewelry Box"
Technique: Hand Carved - No Paint
Egg Number: 2014-07
"Four Winds Jewelry Box" - An Emu egg carved by Rebecca Perry "Four Winds Jewelry Box" - An Emu egg carved by Rebecca Perry
"Four Winds Jewelry Box" - An Emu egg carved by Rebecca Perry


Hand crafted emu shell box. The top is carved with a stylized symbol of the the four winds. Satin lined and adorned with Swarovski crystals and silver trimming on a weighted base. I hope you get as much pleasure from this piece as I did in creating it. – Rebecca Perry

Artist Bio

I was born half a century ago in a very poor and rural area of the Missouri Ozarks.  As a child I loved creating art from things around me.  I would press flowers to frame, create figures from the abundant red clay and dry them in the sun, make small sculptures of bent wood and stones.  As an adult life got busy and art became the occasional crafting of quilts, dolls, painting, etc.  Once my children were adults I again turned to art.  I was searching for a medium that would help my hands with flexibility and that would incorporate my love of color and structure.  It was near Easter and I created a dozen or so painted and diorama eggs.  I enjoyed it thoroughly and peeped into the internet to find an entire world of inspiration and eggy friends to encourage me.  I now live in Jackson, Tn with my husband Jimmy and we share our home with our five dogs.  I do work outside the home full time but now have my own studio.  This is where you will find me on most evenings with music in the background as I’m bent over an egg, gluing my fingers together and contemplating the world around me.  

Rebecca Perry

Rebecca Perry