Artist: Satoko Kano

Title: Japanese Irises
Technique: Vinegar Etching
Egg Number: 2011-03

More Information:

The design was drawn freehand with beeswax on the egg shell, and the shell was immersed in plain white vinegar to etch. To create several layers of color, this method was repeated 6 – 7 times. No color or paints were used. Shaded colors are natural original egg colors.

About Satoko:

Satoko Kano / Egg Artist Member of International Egg Art Guild (IEAG)
Certified Master of Egg Art (Sculptured/Engraved category) (IEAG)

I was born and grew up in Nagoya, Japan. After I came to the United States in the end of 1987, I encountered the egg art soon. I learned many different techniques of decoration of the eggs, and started to exhibit my eggs at the Rockford Egg Show in 1995. Since then, I have been exhibiting my eggs at some egg shows every year in Midwest region.

I tried many different techniques, such as beading, decoupage, painting, filigree, carving, acid etching and …etc.

My style had changed when I realized that I liked “eggs” rather than “decorated eggs”. So, my recent favorite techniques are carving or etching and I try to leave the eggs’ natural color and appearance as much as possible.

I was recognized as an egg artist several times before. Representative of IL for The White House Easter Egg Roll (President Clinton’s collection. 1998) 1st, 2nd, 3rd places of The Eggshell Sculptor Magazine Carving Contest (2005 – 2008) One of 16 artists for NY Coo Gallery Open Art Contest (2008)

My special exhibition for 2011 Schaumburg Township District Library, main lobby display. Schaumburg, IL: (October – November 2011)

My regular exhibition of the egg shows Eastern Ohio Egg Art Show & Sale, Cleveland, OH: (September 17-18, 2011) Rockford Egg Show & Sale, Rockford, IL: (March 24-25, 2012)

*Currently, I do not take any special orders, but it is negotiable. Please access to my web site and come to see me at the egg show above.

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