Artist: Marilyn Miller

Title: Ballerina with flowers
Technique: carved and decorated with pearls, and Australian Rose Rhinestones.
Egg Number: 2011-05

More Information:

Marilyn Miller is from Cedar Falls, Iowa. She has been creating egg artistry since 1994. She credits herself with not ever making an identical egg. Every egg is unique in some way. She does approximately 8 craft shows per year throughout Iowa. Her artistry is not limited to EMU eggshells, she also works with Ostrich, Rhea, Goose, Duck, Turkey and Chicken eggs, She has been featured in Emuzine Magazine, EMU Today and Tomorrow Magazine, The Waterloo Courier, The Des Moines Register, and most recently in the April/May issue of Our IOWA Magazine. The local television station KWWL in Waterloo, Iowa has also just aired a story featuring her egg creations. She has created eggs for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, graduations, Christmas, Independence Day, birthdays, etc.

You may contact her at:
Marilyn Miller
9740 Beaver Valley Road
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613-9467