Artist: Joylene Reavis

Title: "Angel with Dolphins"
Technique: High speed carving
Egg Number: 2012-05
"Angel with Dolphins" - An Emu egg hand carved and decorated by Joylene Reavis

More Information:

Decorated by Joylene Reavis of Sugar Maple Emu Farm, Brodhead, Wisconsin. This pearl and velvet ribbon decorated emu egg shell with a cut oval opening, showcases the statue of a beautiful angel in a blue gown with a pair of dolphins jumping at her feet..

Various emu eggs decorated by her and other area artists can be seen and purchased at her website, . "LIKE" her farm page on Facebook at .

Joylene and her husband, Mike, raise emus on a small farm in southern Wisconsin. She paints, carves and decorates emu egg shells that are among the decorated eggs sold at their store that is located on their farm. On farm sales and farm tours are offered to the public by appointments only.

Artist Contact:

Sugar Maple Emu Farm
W 805 Pedee Rd.,
Brodhead, WI 53520
(608) 897-8224
Toll Free: (866) 608-8224