1st Place Winner

Artist: Andrea Vigneault

Title: "Canadian Legends"
Technique: Hand Carved - No Paint
Egg Number: 2013-01
"Canadian Legends" - An Emu egg carved by Andrea Vigneault &"Canadian Legends" - An Emu egg carved by Andrea Vigneault
&"Canadian Legends" - An Emu egg carved by Andrea Vigneault


The title of my emu egg is ( Canadian Legends ) I used a high speed drill to carve into the different colored layers of the emu egg, no paint is used. It's a picture of two Canadian geese. Because I grew up in Canada, I thought this would be very fitting for the contest. The egg is secured on a gold tone egg stand using epoxy, the egg is sprayed with a UVA protective glossy coating to help prevent fading.

Artist Bio

My name is Andrea Vigneault, I was born in England on February 12, 1962,raised in Canada until the age of 30, and then relocated to Texas in 1994 to 2007, at which time, due to my husband's career we moved again to Hickory North Carolina where we now reside with our two daughters. For the most part, I have been self-taught in the art of eggery, other than finding a few articles here and there and a couple of magazines on the art. Later in life I attended a local college and took painting classes but I always came back to the art I loved, egg art. In 2006 I entered two of my decorated eggs in the Dallas Texas egg show. To my surprise I won two second place ribbons. In 2011, I decided to enroll in some on-line classes with renowned Egg Sculptor, Gary Lemaster. Mr. Lemaster's style of egging involves carving inticate patterns into all different types of eggs. In November 2012, I entered another contest for The United Arts Council and was awarded a grant to help further my egg art. With the money I was awarded, I was able to fly to Denver Colorado, where I attended a three day seminar with another very talented egg artist, Mrs. Tamera Seevers. It's only been in the past year that I have become very interested in the art of carving eggs instead of decorating them and I hope to continue to grow and expand my artistic ability in the future. Thank You, Andrea Vigneault

Artist Contact:

Andrea Vigneault
3980 Black Oak Road
Hickory, NC 28602

828-330-0341 or 828-308-2915